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Dopey5150 joined Streamer's Paradise on January 30th, 2021, which is only 11 days after we sent out the first invites. He was an OG member, a friend, and will always be family.


When he first joined SP, he went by a different name, LilBlueDevil32145, which is why he is known by some as "LilBlue". Once he stepped through the doors of SP, he made it his home. It didn't take long for him to apply for staff and work his way up to be a Moderator. After a few months, he had a falling out with another member and chose to leave SP to make this member's experience more comfortable for them, a testament to his kind and thoughtful nature.


Leaving the server didn't prevent him from being part of the community. He continued networking with SP and never stopped caring about the people here. When the opportunity came for him to join back, he instantly jumped on the chance to return home, picking up where he left off. He quickly worked his way back into everyone's heart, making some amazing friendships that many will remember and value for the rest of their lives.


Dopey was much more than just a Staff member; he was a loving father and a great friend. He was also an avid fisherman who loved to get out on the water and spend hours with friends drinking a few beers and sharing some laughs. At night, he loved going to the local casino to try his luck with slot machines and play his favorite table game, roulette. He enjoyed Fortnite games with his friends as much as he enjoyed hitting the open road on his motorcycle. He had great taste in music, boasting a complex Spotify playlist filled with music of all genres, a gift he left behind for us to remember him.


He was a shy person, but behind his computer screens, he allowed his personality to shine. We are grateful to have known him and for the memories we've created, which we will always cherish. We hope everyone can take a moment to appreciate the energy he gave this community over the years, and that everyone reading this will find the same passion Dopey had for Streamer's Paradise. 

 Rest in peace 


Forever in our hearts!

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