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Our story starts in New York during the year 2020 when the Covid pandemic was tormenting the world. While most people were sitting in their homes, counting down the days to re-enter civilization, we were finding ways to bring civilization directly to us. The Twitch streaming platform and online gaming world became an escape and a welcome distraction from the terror happening around us. The problem we ran into, was that we couldn't find the perfect place for what we envisioned. We wanted a paradise, filled with friendship, love, equality, and support. A place anyone from around the world could enter, and feel at home, with the chance to network and meet others with similar hobbies. 

After several conversations with some online friends, we started to build the layout of the Streamer's Paradise Discord server. This took several months of planning, a few disagreements, and lots of second-guessing each decision. On January 19th, 2021, we were finally ready to introduce Streamer's Paradise to the world. We sent out invitations to everyone we could, and we slowly watched as our dream became a reality. The community grew at a steady pace, and we continued to grow our knowledge alongside it.

Streamer's Paradise has now become a social media platform, a podcast, a website, and most of all, a brand. Our community is a safe place where everyone can feel included and has the option to control their own involvement. With our discord being the central hub for members to network, this is where we offer Twitch promotion, community events, and several giveaways. There are many opportunities for anyone who decides to join.

Since opening the doors, we've encountered more obstacles than we could have imagined, but we've overcome each of them. These challenges have led us to where we are today, and they will be the reasons we continue to evolve over the years.

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