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100 CLUB

Reaching 100 viewers on your Twitch stream is a feat that most creators dream of. With the help of our raid train, we are able to regularly push our members past the barrier and get a taste for streaming to a larger audience. This places you in an elite category which can lead to increased viewership from outside the SP community, monetization opportunities through ad revenue, and it's a key step towards growing your channel further. 

Our train averages over 100 viewers on a daily basis, more than 90% of which come from the Streamer's Paradise community. Throughout the week we take screenshots of our streamers that we see reach 100 or more viewers during their raid train slot. At the end of the week, we show recognition to these members during our VIP announcements on Friday nights.

Although 100-viewer streams are common in the Streamer's Paradise community, they are always a rewarding experience!

100 Club members this week: 

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