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Updated 12/13/2023 


1. You must have your Twitch account connected to your Discord with the toggle for “display on profile” enabled.


2. Do not promote/advertise someone else's Twitch account.


3. No pictures or links in Gen-Chat. Please keep all content in the appropriate channels.


4. If a Staff Member says something about your behavior, listen and comply.


5. Do not ask members for loans, bits, subs, or donations. Financial contribution isn't necessary to be part of Streamer’s Paradise.


6. Zero-Tolerance Policy:
- Do not send unsolicited DMs or friend requests.

- Do not post Discord links in the server.

- Do not advertise any other networking Discord servers while on our raid-train.

- We do not allow any hate speech, racism, drama, political talk, trolling, bullying, peer pressure, or any form of spam.


Breaking any of these rules could get you removed from the server

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