Streamers Paradise Rules

Updated 04/19/2023  1. No hate speech, racism, drama, political talk, trolling, or any form of spam. Religion (any kind) is accepted here, however, we will not tolerate any bullying or pressuring others to change their beliefs.  2. Respect all other discord members. Disrespectful comments, Derogatory remarks & racial slurs wont be tolerated in discord, the train or in streams while SP members are present *applies to streamer, streamers party & chat* 3. If you don't have your twitch account connected to your discord, you will be removed from the server. Ask staff for help if needed. 4. Do not promote someones elses twitch account - especially if they're not in this server. 5. Discords are not allowed to be posted in this server or in DMs to other members. Discord support servers are not allowed to be advertised while on our raid train. We have a ZERO tolerance policy. 6. No advertising OR self promoting in any chats or DMs. The only acceptable channels to promote your stream are unaffiliated-live, affiliated-live, event-streams and top-supporters. 7. No pictures or links in Gen-Chat. Please keep all content in the appropriate channels. 8. If a staff member says something about your behavior, listen and comply. 9. View bots (& other forms of boosting your stream that violate Twitch TOS) are unacceptable. If someone else botted your account please reach out to a staff member. If you do not reach out to staff, we will assume you purchased them yourself & we will remove you from the server. 10. Anyone trying to sell a service to our members without it being requested, will be banned without hesitation. Any other form of unsolicited DM applies as well 11. No financial contribution is necessary to be a part of the Streamers Paradise community. We will not tolerate anyone asking other members for loans, bits, subs, or donations.  

Streamers Paradise Rules Continued

Bit challenges, Sub challenges, Raffles, GoFundMe's, Fundraisers, Subathons, Charities, Giveaways that require financial entry & Sponsorship advertisements are all things that should ONLY be advertised in the event-streams channel. These events are not allowed to be advertised in unsolicated DMs to other members. These events cannot be held during a scheduled train slot & they cannot be verbally advertised while on the train. They can be passively advertised using a bot to drop info in your stream chat while on our train. [Streamers Paradise is networking server. Pings are to be expected. Please feel free to mute channels, but if you mute the server, you might miss important announcements]