Discord FAQ 

Last update: 04/19/2023

1. What do the different ranks mean in Streamer's Paradise?

a. Newbie- Welcome to the discord, you need to rank up by chatting in the server to gain perks - Not all channels provide XP - Gen-Chat is the best channel to rank up in b. Member (Level 3)- You can post your live link in the appropriate channels & can attempt to sign up for the raid train - You will need to reach all qualifications before becomming eligible for a train slot c. Sr Member (Level 5)- Your name will be lime green & listed in the "Live Now" section when you go live. - This perk is temporarily available for all members above level 3 d. Elite Member (Level 10)- A bot will post your live link in gen-chat everytime you go live e. Royalty Member (Level 20)- You will get a crown next to your name.

2. What Roles / Perks are in the server that I can earn?

a. Server Booster- Earned by boosting the server through Nitro. - name will be pink in the server b. Top Supporter- Earned by being 1 of the top 15 members in the server who supported the train that week. - name will be red for the week - access to the top supporter channel - sign up at the 15 minute mark during train signups (can only be used once during the week) c. VIP- Earned through train chat activity. (chatting to different streamers on the raid-train) - your name will change to the VIP color for the week - you get to pick one slot on the raid train before the schedule is posted for the week - your twitch link will be advertised in the sp-vip-mvp-announcements channel for the week d. MVP- Earned by being the most active member in the discord for the month - your name will be a pretty pink color for the month - you get to sign up for the raid train once a week before the schedule is released for the entire month - your twitch link will be posted in the sp-vip-mvp-announcements channel for the month e. Diamond- Earned by getting perfect train attendance for an entire month - you will get to be a diamond member with a different color for the following month - diamond emoji next to your name for the following month - a seat on the podcast with Hazeyy, Clutch & Boe (1 episode IF you want it) - an exclusive Diamond SP TEE (can only get 1 shirt no matter how many times you win) f. Premium- A paid monthly subscription that gets you different Exclusive items within the server - Entries into our EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAYS each month - A badge next to your name that reflects your current tier - Exclusive emojis you can show off in the server - Your membership must be active during the time of the wheel spin to be eligible for the giveaway

3. Why am I not showing in the train attendance screen shots?

a. Staff Team has no control over you showing up on attendance screen shots b. Be in the stream for the full hour so you don’t miss attendance c. On mobile, have the pop up out to be considered active. If minimized it will not count. d. On PC, your lurk/cursor needs to be refreshed every so often. e. Chat or drop emotes from time to time

4. Why aren’t my streams getting more viewers in them? 

a. This is a Networking community, so you will get out of this community what you put into it. b. Building relationships with others in this server will build your stream. c. If you only joined to drop a link, this community will not work for you.

5. Why am I not reaching Affiliate status on twitch?

a. Right now you're most likely ruining your average by streaming too many hours with low viewers. b. Sign up for our raid train. We can provide the 3+ viewers everytime you sign up to stream on it. c. Speak to the staff team & get involved with the server. Ask questions & we will help you.

6. How do I connect my twitch to my discord?

a. On Mobile- - Top left of your screen hit the the 3 lines. - Go to the bottom right of your screen and click your discord picture. - Click on “connections”. Click “add” and then enter in your twitch info b. On PC- - go to your discord settings - click connections - click the twitch icon and then enter in your twitch info

7. How do I raid someone on Twitch?  

a. To send a raid, type /raid twitchusername in your Twitch chatbox (example: /raid HazeyyVision) b. If you need to cancel a raid in progress, type /unraid c. After the raid has been sent, you can continue streaming or you can end your stream

8. Why am I a newbie again ?

a. Levels are reset on the 1st of each month to encourage the discord community stay active.

9. Why isn’t the Go Live feature working for me?

a. You must reach Level 5 (Sr Member) within the discord community. - This perk is temporarily available for all members above level 3 b. You must link your Twitch to your discord - go into your user settings - click on “Connections” - link your Twitch account. c. Enable “Streamer Mode” Settings for “Automatically Enable/Disable”, or be willing to manually enable Streamer Mode. d. This is only for PC or Consoles with Capture cards to a PC only. If you believe you meet the criteria above & this perk is not working for you, please follow these steps; - Disconnect your twitch. - Disable streamer mode in discord settings - Reconnect your twitch to discord - Enable streamer mode again

10. How do I sign up for the raid trains that are happening? 

a. Visit the raid-train-rules for details.

11. What Time Zone is the raid schedule based on?

a. All raids are based on EST (New York) - To convert this to your time, go to https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

12. Why was my name changed in the discord?

a. We change everyones nickname in the server to match their twitch account. We are doing this to help YOU & to help us collect data more accurately.

13. I changed my twitch name, why don't my supports show up for both accounts?

a. We only track data for the twitch name connected to your discord account. b. We do not have a way to track multiple twitch names per user. c. We will only keep your previous support numbers until you earn enough supports to qualify for a train slot with your new name.